Sweet Words of Encouragement

By: Heather Powers
Companion Contributor
Instagram: @h.l.powers

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2016, just weeks before my wedding. After much trial and error, I am finally on a medication that helped me get to remission, which is where I am today.

I stay healthy by working out regularly and eating clean. I do yoga five times a week and have learned how to listen to my body through my practice. Having Crohn's and being a teacher is difficult at times.

My students know about my disease and know that I sometimes can't be with them. At my worst, I would miss multiple days in a row, but getting letters and cards from my students made me fight harder to get back to them.

My students motivate me to stick to my diet and my workouts so I don't have to miss any time with them. 

Brooke Bogdan