Gaylyn ⇨ Emma


My Secret Santa was … Gaylyn! I was pretty excited to find a box from Atlanta in the mail – so excited that I only remembered to take a picture after I’d opened it. Also, can we talk about how Gaylyn wrapped everything? I swear it looked really nice before I destroyed it!


I got the prettiest journal and matching pencil case (is it a pencil case? I’m using it as a pencil case!). I actually took it into my corporate law exam the next day – so if I get a good mark, I’ll say that’s why. 

Can we talk about the necklace? It’s so cute! *heart eyes emoji*

I have to admit this might be what I was the most excited about – gingerbread Larabars! I think I’ve documented my Larabar addiction a little too well on social media. But the problem with living in Canada is that we only have half the flavours that they sell in the States. I’m not about to drive to Maine to get my Larabar fix, as much as I’d like to.


I love the gingerbread flavour, and was so happy that Gaylyn sent a box to me! I’m definitely going to make these last.

I’m so happy that we were able to do this. This has definitely brought us all closer, and I hope we can make this a yearly tradition.

Happy Holidays!


Kristin ⇨ Rasheed

gifts from kristin 2.JPG
gifts from kristin 1.JPG


Your care package full of southern comforts brought warm thoughts to my mind and warm feelings to my heart, and when I get around to cooking the grits, it will bring warm feelings to my gut. As I marveled at each item and read your note, I was overcome by a feeling of deep gratitude; I don't know what I did to deserve such a wonderful friend. Thank you for reminding me of how lucky I am to know our collective of Companion editors.


BRB, crying forever.


Brooke ⇨ Gaylyn


Hey girl,

“I love my “Bad Girls in History” Journal! Yes, one day I will be in that book. Bad to the bone....Ohhhh yeahh!!  And thank you so much for my earring and necklace set.”


Emma ⇨ Kristin


I received the most adorable package of goodies from Emma, who is in Canada. I got it just a couple days after my birthday, so it was that much sweeter (good timing, Emma!). This Alabama girl LOVED the maple syrup candies, ketchup potato chips (what?!), and the other odd cute Canadian treats I’ve never heard of (I mean, maple syrup in a little Titanic shaped glass bottle?! Come on.). It means so much to me that a group of people from all over the world can feel so close to each other.

Emma, you’re the best. 


Rasheed ⇨ Brooke


My video was of course the longest (I'm very chatty and was so excited to receive my Secret Santa). Thank you so much, Rasheed! I ate the candy bar immediately because, I mean, coffee and chocolate? Who wouldn't eat that asap. I also love collecting mugs and I've had morning coffee out of my Canadian Police Officer quite a few times now. Every time I have coffee out of that mug, I will happily think of you. Thank you for bringing laughter to my life even when I don't feel like laughing, and for the sentimental card that you wrote that made me cry like a baby. Those words meant more than you could ever know. Best part of the gift by far. 



P.S. - the "No Filter" card?! Are you serious?! Where did you even find that? So amazing. That was such a huge deal for us. Keeping on my fridge forever and ever.